The finale exhibition of 2023, the 5th Nanjing RV camping exhibition has many highlights

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Time, years like shuttle, 2023 is gradually approaching the end. In order to draw a successful end to this extraordinary year, from December 8th to 10th, 2023, the annual ending of the year hosted by the X-RV deck hosted Works -the 5th Nanjing International RV Camping Exhibition is about to be held at the Jiangsu · Nanjing International Exhibition Center.


In the past, the fifth -time Nanjing International RV camping exhibition summarized and displayed the full year of 2023, and it was also a look at the new year and new journey of 2024. As one of the well -known events of the Chinese RV camping industry, this exhibition has once again innovated and breakthrough. Focusing on the concept of "RV Camping New Life", it is planned to plan "RV exhibition area", "New Energy RV exhibition area", "car and account exhibition area", "camping camping", "camping camping", "camping camping" The four major exhibition areas of the living area will show the charm of new life of RV camping for the audience.


Among them, the RV exhibition area will continue to exhibit a large number of RV and RV accessories. Through the RV exhibition area, you will feel the combination of luxury and comfort. fun of. Whether you are planning to start a RV for business travel, long/short travel or family travel, you can satisfy you at one time.


The car and account exhibition area will bring together various types of camping cars, as well as products such as roof, border accounts, and rear accounts. Whether you are an outdoor explorer who is in a self -driving tour, or a photography enthusiast who likes light camping, you can provide you with a variety of camping cars and car tents to meet your infinite imagination of outdoor life.


The camping life exhibition area will show the latest camping equipment and supporting facilities, from high -quality camping utensils to various exquisite camping tents, and creative camping equipment/tools, here can meet your various needs for camping life Let you enjoy a more comfortable and convenient life when you are camping outdoors.


The new energy RV exhibition area will focus on the latest styles of new energy RV products. Right now, with the continuous innovation and breakthrough of new energy vehicle technology, it has become the most popular topic focus of the automotive industry, and new energy RVs with high adaptability have also been favored by more and more RV enthusiasts. In this context, in this context In order to promote and popularize the marketization process of new energy RVs, the new energy RV exhibition area will launch extremely preferential participation policies for the participating enterprises of new energy RVs, recruit a large number of special models to participate in exhibit New energy RVs have developed further.


In addition to a variety of exhibits, this year's Nanjing Exhibition will also integrate the results of the Shanghai International RV Camping Exhibition. It is planned to prepare for the Yangtze River Delta Camping Life Festival at the exhibition site. District, Chaowan Experience Area, indoor music festival and other special content, exhibit related content including outdoor camping equipment, marketing cultural and creative, hand -made tide, and other related content, providing more living, more trendy, more trendy, more trendy, more trendy and more Specific experience of camping life.


All in all, Tourwide Network X RV Bank's final exhibition in 2023-the 5th Nanjing International Automobile RV camping exhibition will be one of the most indispensable RV events at the end of this year. From December 8th to 10th, 2023, Jiangsu · · Jiangsu · · · Nanjing International Exhibition Center, I look forward to gathering Jinling with you to go to a car to camper with a beautiful appointment!


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RV SHOW Fifth Nanjing International RV Camping Show

Time: December 8th-10, 2023

Location: Jiangsu · Nanjing International Exhibition Center

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