Loucheng.com X RVs deeply cultivated the Internet+exhibition industry for 17 years. In 2013, the RV SHOW RV exhibition (RV+accessories, RV+camping, RV+modification) brand project was successfully held. Beijing, Daqing, Nanjing, Nanchang, Tianjin and other provinces and cities! Among them, the Shanghai International RV Camping Expo (referred to as the Shanghai International RV Show), as a key convention and exhibition project of the "RVSHOW RV Show", has continued to hold 18 sessions. The exhibition is famous for its continuous innovation. According to the background of the times, it has formulated strategies such as "getting out of Shanghai to radiate the country", "Class A RV show", "RV+", and "Boutique Exhibition". And the compass of the development of RV exhibition.

At the 19th Shanghai International RV Exhibition (Shanghai International RV Camping Expo, Shanghai International RV Accessories Exhibition) at the Shanghai Automobile Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 7575, Boyuan Road, Jiading District), 2024, 202-24, as the distance The first RV show of X RVs in 2024 will continue to play the industry appeal and brand influence of the RV SHOW RV exhibition, and conduct innovation and breakthroughs on the basis of the original exhibition. Professional platforms with stronger internationality, wider cooperation, more consumers, and higher participation value. He is committed to the leading role of the Shanghai International RV Exhibition as the industry's wind direction target and create a true A category exhibition: a comprehensive exhibition of RV camping industry chain to provide one -stop procurement services for RV camping enthusiasts!