Exhibition hall traffic

 Service guide     |      2024-01-23 14:34:39

The Shanghai Automobile Convention and Exhibition Center is 4.8 kilometers away from Anting West Station (high -speed rail station), takes about 17 minutes by taxi, 25 kilometers from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport/Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, and takes about 30 minutes by taxi. Take a taxi for about 90 minutes; the exit 1 of Anting Station on Metro Line 11 can reach.

Public transit:

1. "Anting Station" of Metro Line 11 can be reached.

2. Bus: Lu'an Line (High Speed), Bei'an Line, Anhong Line (Below Mo Yinan Road Station).

Self -driving:

1. Shanghai City (high -speed): Under the exit of "Anting" on the Beijing -Shanghai High Speed ​​(G2/G42), Boyuan Road turned right to the top 100M.

2. Jiangsu and Zhejiang: G1501 (transfer to Beijing and Shanghai high -speed G2/G42), go to the exit of "Anting" in the direction of Shanghai, and turn right to the top 100M.

3. Floor A: Cao An Highway goes to the left to Mo Yinan Road to the left, and turn left to the left of Boyuan Road to 100M.

Ground B: Jinsha Jiangxi Road to Boyuan Road.

Peripheral facilities: Automobile Expo Park, Auto Expo Hall, Shanghai Volkswagen, Parts Manufacturers, Motor Vehicle Inspection Center, F1 Circuit, Tongji University Automobile College, Auto Trade Pedestrian Street