The 16th Shanghai International RV and Camping Exhibition Ended Perfectly | 2023 RV SHOW

 News information     |      2024-02-23 10:24:32

As the 16th Shanghai International RV and Camping Exhibition came to a perfect end, visitors were left with a lingering sense of appreciation for the show and endless anticipation for future camping experiences. This exhibition attracted more than 200 brand exhibitors and covered an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters. The appearance of over a hundred different types of RVs and numerous latest outdoor camping equipment attracted a large crowd of visitors, providing a powerful boost for the development of a healthy ecosystem in the camping economy through the platform effect.

Camping brands that were previously hindered by the pandemic had a breakthrough at this exhibition, bringing many surprises to the audience. Qingwei Liao, General Manager of the Domestic Division of Wild Land, an internationally renowned outdoor equipment brand, stated, "Although the pandemic disrupted our company's strategic pace, we did not wait passively. Instead, we strengthened our internal training during the pandemic, continuously increased our investment in research and development and technology, and focused all our energy on the development of new products and the upgrade of classic products. During this period, we worked with Great Wall Motor to jointly develop a new camping species - Safari Cruiser, and cooperated with Radar Ev to develop a pickup truck outdoor camping functional expansion device, both of which received positive market feedback."


Wild Land's classic product, VOYAGER 2.0, which appeared at this exhibition, was upgraded to use the WL-tech technical fabric, the first fabric developed by Wild Land for use in the camping tent field with excellent performance in high breathability, opening up a refreshing era of family camping. The Light Boat rooftop tent, designed for solo camping in the city, is a camping equipment specifically designed for sedans, which greatly reduces the threshold for camping and allows more people to enjoy the joy of camping. The all-new outdoor table and chair, inspired by the traditional Chinese mortise and tenon structure, not only brings freshness but also incorporates Chinese wisdom into camping culture, giving birth to a new vitality that transcends time and space.


The concept of "rooftop tent camping ecology" proposed by Wild Land has directly pushed camping into the next era. Starting with a high-quality camping experience, they integrate rooftop tents, Kang tables, loungers, sleeping bags, OLL lighting and a set of creative outdoor equipment to open a seamless and enjoyable experience, starting a new era of camping enjoyment.

Wild Land not only received attention from authoritative media but also attracted the famous photographer Mr. Er Dongqiang to visit their booth. His long-term photography career has given him a special fondness for rooftop tents, which has brought him into contact with Wild Land.


Although this year's Shanghai International RV and Camping Exhibition has come to an end, we believe that there will be more surprises in the "camping circle" in 2023. Let us look forward to it together!